22 december 2010


as promised: a (hopefuly) long post.
well monday I had my last exam; English, oral. and it went pretty wel. We had to read a book about Sherlock Holmes, and I actualy liked it. So I'll try to read some more Holmes adventures. Oh and I remeber that I made a Sherlock Holmes neckless a year ago.

7 december 2010


hello sweeties,
I'm not gonna post anything for the next two weeks, today my exams start. AAAAAAAAAAAARG :O
And I won't be able to make a lot of photos and stuff. But I promiss to write a long long post on monday (27/12) or tuesday (28/12). I'm not sure about what its gonna be, so idea's are welcome (;
lots of love!<33

3 december 2010

I love you!

Guys seriously, on my previous post I had 20 (!) reactions! I'm so happy ! (: and I love you all!
I also want to say sorry for not have been posting outfits the last few days, but thats because it's sososo cold here, I rather wear warm clothes than fashionable ones .. But tonight there's a small party at M.'s house, so I'llhope to show you some awesome pics tomorrow!
Oh and to end: here are some photos I made this summer, (except the one of my sister) Hope you like it!